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What do you like to brew in game more?
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1. Spell Elixirs.

For brew spell elixirs 5 kinds of a herbs are used: Ginseng, Garlic, Belladonna, Mandrake Root, Thistle


You can brew 17 spell elixir:

1. Mirror Shield (
Mirror Shield effect on a character will reflect part of the damage to attacker)
2. Feline Grace (
Character affected by these spells receives bonuses to it's  Dexterity)
3. Steel Body (
Character affected by these spells receives bonuses to it's Constitution )
4. Wisdom of the Owl (
Character affected by these spells receives bonuses to it's intelligence)
5. Bears Blood (
Character affected by this spell receives a bonus to the Health)
6. Iron Skin (
Depending on the effect of incantation absorbs some quantity of physicall strokes under effect on a character. Each stroke absorbed decreases the effect of incantation, given in amount of "layers" of absorption.)
7. Colossal Endurance (
Depending on the effect of incantation increases chances of the character to avoid successfully the effects Disarming, Disembowel, Contusion, Stunning etc.)
8. Sanctuary (
Principal diference of this incantations from other incantations of temporary effect is that it has a chance of successful application (50% when applied to yourself, 33% - to other characters))
9. Astral Carnival (
Character who is under the effect of this incantation, receives a percentage addition to the parameter of Magic Loss. Battle incantations spend double amount of mana, if the character is under the effect of Astral Carnival)
10. Layered Defense,
11. Frenzy (
This spell affects a character in two ways: firstly, the absorb and armor class values of the character are halved and secondly character's physical damage is raised by the amount of absorb and armor class points lost and then multiplied by effect (given in percents) of the spell)
12. Aura of Renewal (
This spell's effect is as follows: while using spells the character affected by Aura of Renewal will be healed for the amount of mana spent multiplied by the effect)
13. Tigers Strength (
Character affected by these spells receives bonuses to it's Strength)
14. Light Steps,
15. Manashield,
16. Radiant Sphere,
  Paladins Aura


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